What makes someone a positive leader? How can you grow your influence and impact without growing tired? To answer those questions, I’m pleased to share with you: The Positive Leadership Manifesto.

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Without a purpose bigger than yourself, you risk serving only yourself. Positive leaders understand how to bring out the best in people and organizations; to uncover potential and bring it to life. This FREE Positive Leadership Manifesto will help you leverage your influence to make a positive impact on others.  It is all about getting back to the heart of leading.

“I found this Manifesto to be spot on.  Leadership is a privilege; an opportunity to serve. People are everything and if we can help even one grow, we have left our imprint.” 
— Donna Majoris, VP Sales, West Pharmaceuticals

Succeed at something that matters.
Renew your passion for the love of leading.
Lead for the right reasons.
Lead because you cannot not lead.

This quick-and-easy read (10 minutes max!) will show you how to deliver purpose-driven leadership while working in a promotion-driven world.

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Dr. Stefani Yorges

Dr. Stefani Yorges

I am a psychologist and professional leadership coach. I partner with people who want to rise to their full potential so they can have an increasingly greater impact on others.

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