15 Devastating Leadership Derailers (and How to Avoid Them)

Are you a talented up-and-comer, A-lister, on the fast track to the top?  

Unfortunately, the Corporate Leadership Council found that less than a third of high potential individuals actually succeed.1  

The rest derail.

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What is a Leadership Derailer?

The “derailment” metaphor is that of a train coming off the tracks.  Derailment is an unexpected—and involuntary—stall on a leader’s career path.  It can occur when a leader plateaus in his or her current role due to a significant flaw or weakness. That weakness gets in the way of their progress and leads to their downfall. 

A leadership derailer is more than just a minor weakness. You have a number of weaknesses that you may never need to master or improve, but a derailer requires immediate attention if you want to realize your full potential. In other words, it can become a “fatal flaw” if not corrected.

Are You at Risk?

With so many careers expected to derail at some point, two questions arise:

          1. What are the most common derailers?

          2. Can those derailers be avoided?

I believe it’s possible to recognize the warning signs before high-potential leaders get off track. With early detection, your own derailment risk can be addressed so that your career stays on track.

As a leadership coach, I have worked with hundreds of clients from a wide variety of organizations. As a result of this experience, I’ve had the opportunity to gain insight into why some people move up quickly and easily in their careers, while others derail, never reaching their full potential.

I’ve put together a FREE resource guide that shares some of the most common mistakes I see potential leaders making at work – mistakes which undermine their performance and prevent them from leading at the highest level.

This guide contains 15 of the most common mistakes that potential leaders make at work. Keep in mind, most people don’t make all 15 mistakes – but many do make more than one. I’ve found that the more mistakes you make, the less likely you are to achieve your full career potential.

How to Get Your FREE Copy

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1Corporate Leadership Council (2005). Realizing the full potential of rising talent. Washington, DC: Corporate Executive Board.

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