4 Simple Ways Supervisors Can Reduce Employee Stress at Work

positive leadership, stress management, leadership skills, leadership development

Supervisor support can protect employees from the negative consequences of work stress. It is essential that organizations begin to train their leaders to provide these 4 types of social support to their employees.

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10 Must-Have Methods to Skillfully Navigate Workplace Politics

positive leadership, leadership development, leadership training, organizational politics

Politics are a part of organizational life, but it doesn’t have to mean winning at all costs. It’s important for leaders to understand how to skillfully use politics for the well-being of the organization.

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9 Powerful Ways to Manage a Toxic Leader

toxic leadership, positive leadership, leadership development, leadership styles, leadership skills

Bullying in the workplace is on the rise, and studies suggest that the majority of it occurs at the top levels of the organization’s leadership hierarchy. It is critical that we develop better strategies to effectively manage toxic leaders.

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7 Strategies to Say “No” with More Confidence at Work

positive leadership, toxic leadership, leadership development, leadership skills, leadership styles

It can be especially challenging to say no to your boss and colleagues at work. But to get more control over your life, time, and career, there are times you simply have to say “no.” Being able to say no with more confidence will help.

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Are You Caught in a “Toxic Triangle” of Destructive Leadership?

toxic leadership, positive leadership, leadership styles, leadership skills, leadership development

Why don’t more people confront destructive leaders or speak up when they know something is wrong? Responsibility for creating a toxic climate does not rest solely with the leader. Conformers and colluders help build a “toxic triangle” of destructive leadership.

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The Most Persuasive and Powerful Way to Influence Other People

positive leadership, influence tactics, leadership development, leadership styles, leadership skills

Leadership is social influence, so if you want to be a great leader you have to be able to gain great influence. Influence is having an impact on others. Once you learn the best (and most persuasive) techniques, it will become easier for you to succeed.

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The Easiest and Simplest Way to Get More Done in Less Time

productivity, rest, leadership development, leadership skills, leadership styles

The easiest solution to getting more done in less time is counterintuitive and may surprise you. This one simple science-based strategy will have you accomplishing more in no time!

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3 Attractive Leadership Traits that Motivate Millennials

Millennials, multigenerational workforce, leadership development, leadership styles, leadership skills

In just a few short years, Millennials will surpass Baby Boomers as the largest segment of U.S. employees. By 2025, Millennials will make up 75% of the workforce. The ability to manage and engage this generation will be a key determinant of the winners and losers in the battle for top talent.

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The “Trickle-Down” Effect of Toxic Leadership

toxic leadership, leadership development, leadership styles, positive leadership, leadership coaching

There has been growing interest in the “dark side” of leadership. Recent studies show that toxic leader behaviors trickle down and create a cycle of disrespect and incivility on the rest of the team.

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Beatitudes of Bold Faith

faith, renew your mind, Christian leadership coaching

When things don’t work out the way we expect, or in the timing we had hoped for…we start to have questions and doubts. Did I really hear God correctly? Am I on the right path? As difficult as it is, waiting is often God’s preparation for a great mission. When all you see are obstacles, these precious promises will help you wait patiently for God’s plan to unfold in your life.

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