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As a Christian leader, you want to address professional or organizational concerns, but in a Biblical context.  You want the success that you are working toward to be grounded by the spiritual values you bring to life and leadership.  Working with me, we can focus on your business and ministry goals while sharing a common spiritual language and ultimate life purpose.  Your call is centered on building up the body of Christ.  I understand that this is privileged territory.

I equip church leaders, ministry teams, non-profit directors, and Christian entrepreneurs to take on all of the challenges and opportunities that leadership provides.  Struggles with overextension, isolation, or personnel issues can create demands that are often overwhelming.  As you move into positions of greater responsibility, the challenges become even more complex and there are no simple solutions.   Leadership books and seminars do have value, but they are not tailored to fit your unique situation.

As a Christian leadership coach, I can help you gain greater clarity about your values and vision, identify priorities, and navigate obstacles.  In our confidential coaching sessions, your beliefs will be honored and supported.  I provide a nurturing yet challenging environment to address the kinds of changes that can make a substantial difference in your effectiveness as a leader.  I offer you a chance to be heard and grow in a way that would be much more unlikely alone.

Divine Excellence Coaching Programs

align your developmental objectives with ministry needs

work in partnership with other key team members

hold you accountable for progress

measure results for return on investment

Christian leadership coaching can help you:
  • formulate clear objective goals and action plans for your future
  • identify strengths and opportunities for growth
  • clarify a ministry vision and how to persuasively communicate it
  • improve your own self-awareness and manage relationships more effectively
  • project a confident and strong leadership presence for greater respect
  • create and sustain personal work-life balance for your overall well-being

Become deeply rooted downward
to bear fruit upward.

Invest in yourself and enroll today!

My coaching services reflect a passion to help you develop intentionally, pursue excellence, and create a manageable action plan for your career and life. If you have further questions contact me at or call 610-436-3154.

The Ministry Coaching Process

1. Chemistry Check

Leader and coach assess their “fit” and explore program goals. Leader completes a Professional Development Profile.

2. Discovery Process

The research and assessment phase includes interviews between coach and key stakeholders, 360 feedback survey (for broader input), and relevant self-assessment inventories (to measure strengths, derailers, personality, and leadership behaviors). If applicable, the leader will also be observed in live work situations or presentations.

3. Feedback Meeting

An integrated review of discovery information is shared with the leader, establishing the foundation of a developmental action plan.

4. Action Planning

A comprehensive action plan is created, focusing on three to five targeted goals, key action steps, and metrics to measure progress.

5. Alignment Meeting

A transparent, three-way meeting is held between coach, leader, and relevant others to discuss assessment results and obtain support for the action plan.

6. Ongoing Coaching

A series of highly practical and applied coaching meetings are held, approximately four weeks apart, to build competence and work through challenges.

7. Realignment Meeting

The engagement is concluded with the leader and relevant others. Progress is measured and a long-range plan for ongoing development is discussed.

Ministry Coaching Programs

Targeted Skills Coaching

Enhancing Awareness


Despite all of their achievements, most leaders still have room to improve specific skills that can enhance their overall performance. Targeted Skills Coaching can help leaders develop or enhance specific skills required for success.

Key Areas

Examples of targeted skills include communication, strategic vision, EQ, confidence, persuasive influence, developing others, or managing change. By addressing specific issues such as this, leaders become far more effective in their roles and better equipped to drive results.


A fast-paced, four month program focused specifically on developing practical leadership skills.


Leadership profile, 360◦ feedback assessment, Action Plan, 4 targeted coaching sessions.


Ideal for mid-level leaders who have ample opportunities to apply their new skills.

Transition Coaching

Integrating to New Roles


New ministry leaders need to start off on the right foot. Yet research shows that as many as 40% fail within the first 18 months. For those making a critical change in their leadership experience or integrating into a new role, Transition Coaching can help them achieve rapid results.

Key Areas

Transitioning to a new role is a critical opportunity for leaders to correctly assess the realities and priorities of their new responsibilities, build credibility and strong relationships, and drive demonstrable results. Rather than leave a new leader’s success to chance, invest in this vital make-or-break time to get a new leader up to speed quickly and accelerate their impact.


An intense and highly focused six-month engagement that enables organizations to receive a rapid return on their leadership investment.


Leadership profile, 360◦ feedback assessment, 1 supplemental personality/behavioral assessment, Action Plan, 6 coaching sessions.


Designed for internal and external new hires at mid-to senior-levels.

High Performance Coaching

Achieving Potential


Despite strong abilities, many leaders often fail to improve, limiting the positive impact they could have on organizational results. Even when they appear to have what it takes to propel their organizations to greater results, a variety of complex leadership challenges can get in the way to achieving ultimate success.

Key Areas

High Performance Coaching can help leaders gain enhanced self-awareness about their impact, become more attuned to organizational needs, understand their strengths and areas for development, create a clear and effective action plan, and drive better results.


A challenging nine-month program for high-potential leaders that accelerates their readiness to build better individual, team, and organizational performance.


Leadership profile, 360◦ feedback assessment, 2 supplemental personality/behavioral assessments, Action Plan, 9 coaching sessions, follow-up 360◦ feedback to assess improvement.


Most appropriate for leaders at senior levels.

What Other Ministry Leaders Are Saying

“I wanted to express my gratefulness to you for your investment in me this past year. I have a greater sense of inner peace, contentment, and resolve since having gone through the experiences of this past year. Your part in my growth was in no sense little. God continues to reveal me to me. While this is painful, I think I realize for the first time how much He truly loves me. For this I truly thank you.”

Ray KulbedaPastor, Calvary Fellowship Church

“I’ve been in vocational ministry for over 25 years. Finally, there are leadership coaching resources for those of us in ministry to match what for-profit companies have been providing their leaders for years. I deeply appreciate Stefani’s style of coaching. She focuses on your unique context and speaks to the spiritual dimension that is so vital, but most other coaches can’t provide. I can vouch for her command of a wide variety of assessment tools, the conceptual theories upon which they are based, and her ability to select the best assessment tool for the specific need.

When done right, coaching is often an emotionally difficult experience. Identifying blind spots and the specific changes that need to be made is more than half the battle. Stefani’s grace and compassion makes her successful as she walks with people through their growth.”

Steve NeumannDirector of Member Development, TeachBeyond

About Dr. Stefani Yorges

I am a psychologist and professional leadership coach. I partner with people who want to rise to their full potential so they can have an increasingly greater impact on others.

My unique background as an educator, consultant, and coach helps connect your personal potential to peak performance. I have expertise in a variety of leadership models and assessment tools. My formal education is in the behavioral sciences, receiving my Ph.D. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from Purdue University in 1996.

I am an active leadership consultant who has engaged with over 100 clients from more than 30 organizations, churches, and non-profits. I specialize in positive leadership strategies, strengths-based leadership, and transformational leadership models. I am a certified executive coach, accredited by the International Coaching Federation. I serve as an advisor to Cru (Campus Crusade for Christ) and support numerous other missions around the world.

For further questions, contact me at or call 610-436-3154.

Invest in yourself and enroll today!

My coaching services reflect a passion to help you develop intentionally, pursue excellence, and create a manageable action plan for your career and life. If you have further questions contact me at or call 610-436-3154.

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