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If you want to get “unstuck,” this is exactly what you need to get started in the New Year.

January 1-10

I’m a big believer in taking the proper time to plan (and dream) for the New Year. But statistics tell us that only 8% of people who make New Year’s resolutions actually keep them.

Why is it so hard to make our goals and dreams a reality?
Imagine if this is the year that you finally:

  • start that business you’ve been talking about for ages…
  • “click” in your career and new opportunities appear…
  • quit your job and pursue your real passion full time…
  • write that book that you’ve always dreamed of…
  • get to the gym and lose the weight you’ve been planning to for years…

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from 25 years of teaching, researching, and coaching people to peak performance, it’s that ANYTHING is possible if you set the right goals and put the right process in place to achieve them.

But success won’t happen by accident.

You know that you can’t spend another year pushing harder, spinning your wheels, “winging it,” and hoping that the cumulative effect of all the overwhelm and burnout will somehow pay off.

That’s why I’m offering a private, customized, “Smart Start” coaching intensive to help you make this your best year ever. This program is designed specifically to help you accomplish your biggest goals in the coming year.

In the “Smart Start” coaching intensive, I’ll share:

  • a proven process that you can use to attack each day so that projects get done and goals get achieved
  • the invisible biases that may be hampering your success and keeping you from achieving greatness
  • a unique approach, backed by science, that will help you work smarter, not harder, and truly be productive on a daily basis
  • how to put your time and energy toward the things that matter most
  • the one single strategy that will instantly make you 42% more likely to accomplish your goals (it’s shocking how many people miss it!)
  • the key mindset that all high achievers must adopt to be successful –this one brain pattern separates the successful from the unsuccessful in every area of life
  • how to”quit proof” your goals and ensure that this is the year you finally cross that “big one” off your list (you know which one I’m talking about!)

Make THIS the year that change happens!

Don’t set the same old goals for yourself that you set every year….only to be shocked in July that you still haven’t made the headway you wanted.Instead, you can make THIS the year that change happens –for the better!

The January “Smart Start” coaching intensive provides

a wealth of wisdom to kickstart your New Year.

If you’ve felt stuck for awhile, don’t miss this opportunity! I only offer this program once a year (in January), so if you don’t act now…you’ll have to wait another year. When you have clarity, structure, and support, you can accomplish things that you’ve been putting off for years, or things that got pushed aside due to unexpected challenges, competing priorities, or lack of resources.If you’re ready to take control of your New Year, join me for a high-impact coaching intensive that will transform your life.




People who don’t set any goals are the ones whom life will pass right by. In fact, most people say they wish they could live their lives over again because a high percentage of people realize too late that they have frittered their lives away.

- Gary Latham, Ph.D.

January "Smart Start" Coaching Intensive

It’s a 3-week intensive coaching program designed specifically to help you accomplish your biggest goals in the coming year. Here’s how it works:

1. Once a week, you and I will have a one-hour phone(or Skype) call. We’ll start by getting clear on where you are and where you want to go.We’ll examine what’s working and what’s not.I will help you determine exactly what to do next.

2. After each call, you will be given specific tasks and assignments to focus on for the following week.The key here is focus –you can achieve anything, but not everything all at once.I will help you prioritize and select the right tasks that will give you the best results in the shortest amount of time.

3. We will create a step-by-step plan for executing your goals in the New Year. I will help you break down your biggest dreams into clear, simple, actionable steps.We will address which things you should be spending your time and energy on, and which things are sucking the life out of you.

4. I will follow-up with you regularly to check in on your progress and keep you on track. For the entire 3 weeks, you will have my full attention, unlimited priority access to me, and exclusive accountability to discuss your progress, ask questions, and get advice.


Enroll Now

There are only 10 slots. First come, first served. The deadline to enroll is Friday, January 10.

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About Dr. Stefani Yorges

I am a psychologist and professional performance coach. I partner with people who want to rise to their full potential so they can have an increasingly greater impact on others.

I received my Ph.D. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from Purdue University in 1996. I have been teaching, researching, and consulting on peak performance for more than 20 years. As a certified business coach, I have worked with over 100 clients from more than 30 different organizations.

I provide the education and tools to help you thrive. I share all the best strategies in cognitive science, behavior modification, and psychology that you wouldn’t find on your own. By working with me, you come away with manageable and sustainable action plans for your personal and professional life.

What Others Are Saying

“Stefani’s outstanding coaching has been extremely valuable in my career. She has helped me excel as a leader while also improving the quality of my life. If you have the opportunity to work with her, I highly recommend you take advantage of it. Using an exclusive cognitive mapping process, Stefani has the ability to both inspire and accelerate her clients to realize their goals.”

Heather ErglerSr. Consultant, Vanguard Group

“Working with Stefani has been an absolutely transformative experience! She helped me in so many positive, productive ways in both my professional and personal life. Through my work with Stefani, I have built a solid toolkit to help me achieve my goals. A wonderful experience!”

Amanda JeffersonDirector, Summer Search Philadelphia

“I cannot say enough wonderful things about the coaching that Stefani provided. Stefani is very knowledgeable, but also has a fantastic coaching style that kept me engaged and “on the hook” for the goals I set for myself. Every day I think about something I learned or talked about with her!”

Carole McCabeSenior Consultant, Scale Leadership

Coaching can make all the difference

  • It’s fast. I get it – we’re all busy.  You will complete this program in just 3 weeks.  Because the material is so concentrated, that time may be intense, but that’s part of the effectiveness of the program.
  • It gives you clarity. Like most goal-setting programs, my coaching intensive will give you a proven structure for tracking your goals.  However, you’ll also have the confidence that they are the RIGHT goals because you’ll get laser-focused on exactly what you want to accomplish.
  • It’s proven to work for all kinds of goals. Some programs only focus on health, business, or relationships.  My program is focused on you as a whole person, so this method is effective for any kind of goal you want to accomplish.
  • It will give you a boost of confidence. You need the assurance and confidence that: (1) HOW you are focusing, and (2) WHAT you are focusing on is going to pay off this year.
  • Having a coach brings support, accountability, and momentum – which guarantee positive results for yourself.

For further questions, contact me at or call 610-436-3154.

Invest in yourself and enroll today!

My coaching services reflect a passion to help you develop intentionally, pursue excellence, and create a manageable action plan for your career and life. If you have further questions contact me at or call 610-436-3154.

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