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The Quality of Your Relationships at Work Impact the Quality of Your Life

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Your relationships at work are vital. Each connection in your day leaves an indelible imprint, whether it’s a significant interaction with a team member or a brief encounter in the hallway. Given the amount of time you spend at work, your relationships are bound to have an impact on you. In fact, new research indicates that the quality of these connections can determine your lifespan!


8 Tips to Get a Better Grip on Your Emotions at Work

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We all know the workplace isn’t the best place to vent your emotions. But it happens. Sometimes a heated debate can push you to the boiling point of yelling or tears. You can learn to manage these responses and get a better grip on your emotions. Here are 8 strategies for maintaining your composure at work.


How to Practice True Meditation

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In this world of busy schedules, noisy offices, and invasive technology, people are hungry for the peace that quiet meditation can bring. But meditation has become associated with a mystical ritual practiced by eastern religions, so most Christians have removed the word from their vocabulary.


5 Ways to Fight Your Fears and Nail that Next Assignment

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It’s normal to feel a twinge of anxiety when accepting a new assignment or challenge. You wonder if you will measure up or “How long before everyone figures out I don’t have a clue what I’m doing?”

The voice of your inner critic can and must be countered. These 5 strategies can help you develop a positive inner voice and a resolve that will bolster your confidence.