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Beatitudes of Bold Faith

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When things don’t work out the way we expect, or in the timing we had hoped for…we start to have questions and doubts. Did I really hear God correctly? Am I on the right path? As difficult as it is, waiting is often God’s preparation for a great mission. When all you see are obstacles, these precious promises will help you wait patiently for God’s plan to unfold in your life.


Discover How to Renew Your Mind with Cognitive Neuroplasticity

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Not being able to change doesn’t mean you’re weak, stubborn, or lazy. Whatever it is that you resolved to do (or stop doing) in the past, there’s no doubt you meant it. So, what’s been standing in your way?


10 Critical Questions that Could Transform Your Life This Year

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With the beginning of each New Year, it’s critical to take time to reflect and make positive changes. Are you designing the life you want? Reflecting on these 10 questions will help you close the gap between who you are now and who you want to be in the future.


The Secret to Making Changes that Stick in the New Year

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When it comes to achieving New Year’s resolutions, the statistics are pretty dismal. We all intuitively know (and research has proven) that goal setting is a powerful means for achieving success. So what is going wrong with our resolutions? Surprisingly, one of the biggest obstacles is that people subconsciously sabotage their own goals in their minds.


5 Levels of Focus That Can Dramatically Increase the Success of Your Goals for Next Year

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We find ourselves at the close of another year – reviewing what we have accomplished and thinking about the year ahead. What do you want to be different next year? Setting effective goals can triple the odds of getting what you want.


4 Practical Ways to Maintain Your Composure on Your Worst Day

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Work is where most of us spend the majority our lives and it can be a frustrating place. So how do you keep your cool? Self-control is a learned skill and you can practice these 4 strategies to harness it.


The Secret to Successful Behavior Change – How to REALLY Renew Your Mind

renew your mind, positive psychology, positive leadership, leadership skills, leadership training

Feeling stuck? Stop sabotaging your own success. Renewing your mind is the answer. But what does that really mean?


Maintaining Faith in the Midst of Failure

Christian leadership coaching, leadership development, faith, leadership skills, leadership styles

There will be times when you’re tempted to think God has deserted you, let you down, or failed to come through for you. Practicing faith does not mean that you will always get the outcomes you want. Sometimes God will step back and wait to see how much you believe.


10 Surprising Truths About the Pursuit of Happiness

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When people find out that I’m a psychologist, they often ask me questions about how to be more “happy.” As an I/O Psychologist, specifically, I try to find ways to make employees more happy at work. But what really makes a person happy? Here are 10 surprising truths about the pursuit of happiness.


How Successful People Learn to Stop Striving

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Successful people are productive. They can even be hyper-focused. But they know they will burn out if they stay there. Great leaders have learned that they must balance their multi-tasking tendencies with quiet times to recharge their batteries.