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Beatitudes of Bold Faith

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When things don’t work out the way we expect, or in the timing we had hoped for…we start to have questions and doubts. Did I really hear God correctly? Am I on the right path? As difficult as it is, waiting is often God’s preparation for a great mission. When all you see are obstacles, these precious promises will help you wait patiently for God’s plan to unfold in your life.


My Response to Contemporary Worship Critics

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Christians passionately defend their preferred style as the most honoring to God. But in reality, that’s all it is – their own preference. Worship isn’t to please you, it’s to please Jesus.


Maintaining Faith in the Midst of Failure

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There will be times when you’re tempted to think God has deserted you, let you down, or failed to come through for you. Practicing faith does not mean that you will always get the outcomes you want. Sometimes God will step back and wait to see how much you believe.