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7 Strategies to Say “No” with More Confidence at Work

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It can be especially challenging to say no to your boss and colleagues at work. But to get more control over your life, time, and career, there are times you simply have to say “no.” Being able to say no with more confidence will help.


The Most Persuasive and Powerful Way to Influence Other People

positive leadership, influence tactics, leadership development, leadership styles, leadership skills

Leadership is social influence, so if you want to be a great leader you have to be able to gain great influence. Influence is having an impact on others. Once you learn the best (and most persuasive) techniques, it will become easier for you to succeed.


How to Create a Positively Contagious Work Environment

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Germs and colds aren’t the only thing we spread around in the workplace. Our emotions, both positive and negative, are just as contagious. Here are 4 strategies for leaders to maintain a positive climate for their team.


How Thanksgiving Can Improve Productivity

Most of us fall short in appreciating the efforts of those around us. But recent studies show that a simple “thank you” can make a huge difference in productivity at work.


Unlock the Enormous Potential of Powerful One-on-One Meetings

1:1 meetings, one-on-one meetings, leadership development, leadership styles, leadership skills

You can easily transform pointless one-on-one meetings into POWERFUL and EFFECTIVE sessions that actually grow talent and build your leadership legacy. In this post, I share 5 best practices for making your 1:1s really count.


Why Forgiveness is Critical for Your Health

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Medical professionals agree that many of our long-term illnesses come as a result of bitterness, unforgiveness, and emotional stress. The process of forgiving is one of the most exhausting struggles you will face, because the battle will involve both your mind and emotions.


Exactly How to Delegate

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Did you know that there are 5 different levels of delegation? If you don’t clarify which level you intend when handing off an assignment or project, you are likely to run into problems. To avoid miscommunication and conflict, set clear expectations about the level of authority you are handing them.


The Antidote to the Toxic Workplace

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Gratitude in the workplace is important because it has been linked with positive outcomes, such as improved mood and increased helping behavior. But even more importantly, a recent study found that expressing gratitude inhibited people from engaging in destructive interpersonal behavior.


How to Repair a Damaged Relationship at Work

positive leadership, leadership development, leadership skills, leadership styles, executive coaching

We have all encountered people that get on our nerves every time they open their mouth to speak. They seem impossible to work with. We hold out hope that they will somehow get transferred and move far away from our workplace.

But if you are serious about becoming a positive leader and role model in your organization, you have to demonstrate that you can restore and maintain difficult relationships at work.