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Leadership Coaching Services for Churches, Ministries & Non-Profits

I have worked with a number of church leaders, ministry directors, Christian entrepreneurs, and non-profit organizations.  These leaders are looking for more than the “cookie cutter” professional development programs offered through corporate channels.

As a Christian leader, you want to address professional or organizational concerns, but in a Biblical context.  You want the success that you are working toward to be grounded by the spiritual values you bring to life and leadership.  By engaging with me, we can work on your business and ministry goals while sharing a common spiritual language and ultimate life purpose.  Your call is centered on building up the body of Christ.  I understand that this is privileged territory.

I equip those in various areas of ministry to take on all of the challenges and opportunities that leadership provides.  Struggles with overextension, isolation, or personnel issues can create demands that are often overwhelming.  As you move into positions of greater responsibility, the challenges become even more complex and there are no simple solutions.   Leadership books and seminars do have value, but they are not tailored to fit your unique situation.

You need to be deeply rooted downward to bear fruit upward.

As a Christian leadership coach, I can help you gain greater clarity about your values and vision, identify priorities, and navigate obstacles.  In our confidential coaching sessions, your beliefs will be honored and supported.  I provide a nurturing yet challenging environment to address the kinds of changes that can make a substantial difference in your effectiveness as a leader.  I offer you a chance to be heard and grow in a way that would be much more unlikely alone.

Christian leadership coaching can help you:

  • formulate clear objective goals and action plans for personal growth
  • identify strengths and opportunities for development
  • clarify a personal vision and how to communicate it
  • project a confident and strong leadership presence
  • create and sustain personal work-life balance

Download a brochure for more information. You can also contact me at or call 610-436-3154.

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