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How to Confidently Position
Yourself for a Promotion

(without losing your integrity in the process)

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I am a psychologist and professional leadership coach. At Leading Higher, I partner with people who want to raise their level of excellence so they can have an increasingly greater impact on others.
I received my Ph.D. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from Purdue University in 1996. I have been teaching, researching, and consulting on leadership for the past 20 years. As a certified executive coach, I have engaged with over 100 clients from more than 30 different organizations.

If you watched the video above, you realize that we just began to scratch the surface on how to position yourself for a promotion (without losing your integrity in the process).

By enrolling in the Leadershifts360 program, I can help you achieve the greatness you've always had inside you. We will take logical steps to help you get the promotion you desire, the credibility and respect you need, and the influence and impact you've always wanted.


The "Unwritten Rules" For Advancement
Have Been Nailed Down For You

It's not uncommon to be passed over for a promotion without understanding why. When it happens, it can take awhile to get over the shock and rejection you're feeling.

You've asked where you're falling short, but the vague responses left you frustrated, angry, and unsure of how to get ahead.

Very few companies spell out their criteria for advancement. Those decisions get made behind closed doors, with "unwritten rules" that seem arbitrary and political. So the confusion for you just gets worse.

Leadershifts360 is a training program for those who are ready to develop their leadership skills, but just aren't sure what they should do differently or what it takes to prepare for the next level.

In the Leadershifts360 program, I'll show you how to:

    make the 4 transitions, or shifts, needed to succeed at higher levels of leadership
  • raise your awareness to eliminate self-defeating patterns of behavior
  • increase your leadership agility so you can adapt to new job requirements
  • evaluate your readiness for promotion with the Leadershifts360 assessment
  • position yourself for a promotion without losing your integrity in the process

A Specific and Personalized Focus
Gets You Moving in the Right Direction

You don't want to waste time and money trying to figure this all out by yourself, or making mistakes trying to learn by trial-and-error. With the Leadershifts360 program, you get specific and personalized focus on where you fall short in the behaviors required for higher leadership levels. This can accelerate the change process.
Assuming that you agree you have some room to improve, I can help you do it. The Leadershifts360 program gives you the exact tools you need - with no confusion or ambiguity. I've invested 20 years of training, practice, and research to find the very best strategies and now I'm sharing them with you. 
The Leadershifts360 assessment is a validated and practical tool for measuring your performance, changing your behavior, and reaching your full potential. With the Leadershifts360 program, you are in charge of moving your career forward. If you follow all the steps, you will get results.

Here's What Others Are Saying

Independence Blue Cross

former client
"I wanted to let you know that I was asked to rotate to a new position they created within our Institutional business. It is a big job with a lot of exposure, and completely outside my comfort zone. You were a HUGE part of my success!"

Vanguard Financial Services Group

former client
“I can’t even begin to tell you how absolutely instrumental your program was in helping me get to the next level.  Thank you thank you thank you!”

Educational Testing Service (ETS)

former client
“My desire for growth in leadership and upward movement is so that I can make a difference and change the organizational culture for the better. I am finding that what you are providing is some of the best coaching available."

Leadershifts360 Program Options

Level 1:  Raise Awareness

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  • eBook Leadershifts: The 4 Critical Shifts that Every Smart Leader Must Make on the Rise to the Top 
  • This eBook will describe each of the 4 transitions, or shifts, in more detail. It will also provide some suggestions for next steps you can take on your own.

Level 2:  Take Action

3 Resource Guides
Action Plan
Self-Study and Assessment
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  • Level 1 PLUS the Leadershifts360 assessment
  • The Leadershifts360 is a web-based assessment that consists of 85 items and takes about 15 minutes to complete. You will take a self-assessment and then also identify as many other raters as you would like to provide 360 feedback. The assessment is available 24/7, with secure, password-protected administration. You will receive a detailed, confidential report of your results.    
  • Resource Guide #1:  Receiving Feedback.  This guide explains the importance of feedback, what to look for in your feedback, and how to respond. 
  • Resource Guide #2:  Action Steps.  This guide contains specific strategies for raising your scores in each of the 4 areas, as well as improving your leadership agility. If you want to improve, this guide is a must. 
  • Resource Guide #3:  Action Plan.  This guide provides resources for deciding exactly what to change, how to change, and a change readiness checklist. 
  • Action Plan template to customize with your own professional goals

Level 3:  Maximize Results

3 Resource Guides
Action Plan
Coaching Session
2 Bonus Guides
Assessment and Coaching
Enroll Now
  • Level 2 PLUS a leadership coaching session (1 hour)
  • This provides an opportunity for me to go over the results of your assessment, help you better understand your strengths and weaknesses, as well as provide further suggestions for improvement.
  • Bonus Guide #1:  Renew Your Mind.  This guide provides a cognitive mapping process that helps you change your thoughts so that you can more effectively change your behavior. 
  • Bonus Guide #2:  Powerful and Effective 1:1 Meetings with Your Direct Reports.  As a leader, holding effective career development meetings with your own staff is one of the most critical skills that you need to learn.    

Level 4:  Increase Impact

3 Resource Guides
Action Plan
6 Coach Sessions
2 Bonus Guides
Coaching and Accountability
Enroll Now
  • Level 3 PLUS six months of leadership coaching (1 hour each)
  • This provides an opportunity for us to dive deep, create sustainable change, and increase your impact. 
  • This level of commitment gets big results. In the past, when I have been able to work with clients for a full six months, 80% get promoted or accept a new, challenging assignment within the next year.

Doing one wrong thing repeatedly can undermine your credibility and sabotage your career.

I can help you make up for lost opportunities, lost time, and lost income.

Starting today, you don't have to struggle alone in the dark anymore, trying to figure out what it takes to get promoted or wondering what intangible "X factors" are being considered behind closed doors. I specify exactly what you need to change to get the promotion you desire, the credibility and respect you need, and the influence and impact you've always wanted.

The Leadershifts360 program is a valid and reliable method that produces measurable results. If you feel it's not working for you, I offer a full 30-day money-back guarantee as long as you can demonstrate that you tried to take some action. So there is NO RISK for you to enroll today. 

I understand you're incredibly busy and probably already feel overcommitted to other things. I've heard many a leader say, "Things will slow down in a couple of months.  After that, I'll take some time off, get organized, and focus on this development stuff. Someday, when things aren't so crazy around here, I'll focus on me."
How long have you been saying that?  Perhaps it's time to stop dreaming about a time when you won't be busy. Because that time will likely never come. In my experience working with hundreds of leaders, there is no "couple of months from now." There is a good chance that tomorrow is going to be just as busy as today.  If you want to change something about yourself and make a wise investment in your future, the best time to start is NOW.