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You Don’t Have to be Good at Everything, but Your Team Does

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Ironically, leaders that try to become good at everything become the least effective overall. Authentic leaders know their own strengths and weaknesses. They stay true to who they are and surround themselves with people that complement their strengths and fill in the gaps.


Quadruple Your Success: Unlock Your Hidden Strengths

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The best way to find satisfaction and success is to focus on your strengths. Focusing on your strengths and finding a role that uses them will bring you to excellence, a place where you stand out from everyone else.


If You Know Your Strengths, You Can Change the World

Know Your Strengths to Change the World

Since childhood, we have been trained to think about our weaknesses. In the business world, we have been inundated with competency models that clarify where we fall short. What we disguise as “developmental areas” are really ways to describe what we’re not so good at. And when we receive feedback from others, we go directly to the list of developmental areas; barely scanning what they might say is going right. But the Strengths revolution has changed all that. It has shifted our focus in a more positive direction.