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Why You Procrastinate (and How to Conquer It Once and For All)

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When you look at most people’s list of bad habits they want to break, procrastination is usually one of them. If you struggle with procrastination, consider which of these 12 reasons have you spinning your wheels.


The Easiest and Simplest Way to Get More Done in Less Time

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The easiest solution to getting more done in less time is counterintuitive and may surprise you. This one simple science-based strategy will have you accomplishing more in no time!


The Secret to Making Changes that Stick in the New Year

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When it comes to achieving New Year’s resolutions, the statistics are pretty dismal. We all intuitively know (and research has proven) that goal setting is a powerful means for achieving success. So what is going wrong with our resolutions? Surprisingly, one of the biggest obstacles is that people subconsciously sabotage their own goals in their minds.


5 Levels of Focus That Can Dramatically Increase the Success of Your Goals for Next Year

positive leadership, goal setting, leadership styles, leadership skills, leadership development

We find ourselves at the close of another year – reviewing what we have accomplished and thinking about the year ahead. What do you want to be different next year? Setting effective goals can triple the odds of getting what you want.


Exactly How to Delegate

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Did you know that there are 5 different levels of delegation? If you don’t clarify which level you intend when handing off an assignment or project, you are likely to run into problems. To avoid miscommunication and conflict, set clear expectations about the level of authority you are handing them.