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10 Surprising Truths About the Pursuit of Happiness

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When people find out that I’m a psychologist, they often ask me questions about how to be more “happy.” As an I/O Psychologist, specifically, I try to find ways to make employees more happy at work. But what really makes a person happy? Here are 10 surprising truths about the pursuit of happiness.


How to Create an Irresistibly Positive Workplace

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I have seen a number of recent books try to describe what makes some workplaces more positive, great, or successful than others. There is consensus that these 4 virtues must be present to become an “employer of choice” – a company where highly productive employees are steadfastly loyal and optimistic about the future.


10 Important Questions Every Great Leader Should Be Asking Their Employees

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Don’t underestimate the importance of having regular one-on-one meetings with your employees to increase alignment, reduce mistakes, and build relationships. Nothing will boost engagement more than this one simple strategy (without spending a dime)!


Unlock the Enormous Potential of Powerful One-on-One Meetings

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You can easily transform pointless one-on-one meetings into POWERFUL and EFFECTIVE sessions that actually grow talent and build your leadership legacy. In this post, I share 5 best practices for making your 1:1s really count.


How to Practice Positive Leadership in 3 Simple Steps

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Positive leaders understand how to bring out the best in people and organizations; to uncover potential and bring it to life. The goal of positive leadership is to create workplaces that foster high satisfaction and productivity. Empirical evidence is persuasive that these 3 strategies can result in substantial improvement in individual and organizational performance.


The Quality of Your Relationships at Work Impact the Quality of Your Life

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Your relationships at work are vital. Each connection in your day leaves an indelible imprint, whether it’s a significant interaction with a team member or a brief encounter in the hallway. Given the amount of time you spend at work, your relationships are bound to have an impact on you. In fact, new research indicates that the quality of these connections can determine your lifespan!


The Power of Positive Leadership — It Beats Yelling!

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Positive leadership can bring out the best in people and create exceptional outcomes. The research shows that it works. If the research showed that yelling at employees worked better, we would recommend that instead.


The Antidote to the Toxic Workplace

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Gratitude in the workplace is important because it has been linked with positive outcomes, such as improved mood and increased helping behavior. But even more importantly, a recent study found that expressing gratitude inhibited people from engaging in destructive interpersonal behavior.


What to Talk About in a 1:1 with Your Direct Report

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A recent survey indicated that more than 50% of employees don’t know what is expected of them, how they are being evaluated, or what types of resources are available to help them succeed.

Private 1:1 sessions with your direct reports can help provide clarity and reduce this uncertainty. The goal of this type of meeting is to provide a foundation for better performance and a path for moving forward.


How to Repair a Damaged Relationship at Work

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We have all encountered people that get on our nerves every time they open their mouth to speak. They seem impossible to work with. We hold out hope that they will somehow get transferred and move far away from our workplace.

But if you are serious about becoming a positive leader and role model in your organization, you have to demonstrate that you can restore and maintain difficult relationships at work.