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An Attitude of Gratitude

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Martin Luther referred to gratitude as “the basic Christian attitude” and it is still considered “the heart of the gospel.” Cicero deemed it “not only the greatest of the virtues, but the parent of all others.” Even the field of psychology has begun to acknowledge the importance of gratitude for producing abundant life.


How to Practice True Meditation

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In this world of busy schedules, noisy offices, and invasive technology, people are hungry for the peace that quiet meditation can bring. But meditation has become associated with a mystical ritual practiced by eastern religions, so most Christians have removed the word from their vocabulary.


5 Ways to Cultivate More Joy in Your Life

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The outcome of your life is determined by what is in your heart, not your circumstances. You can choose peace. You can choose joy. Your thoughts and words have consequences. Here are 5 ways to be proactive in keeping your heart and mind pure.


Returning to Rest for Your Soul

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The physical and psychological benefits of rest cannot be underestimated. Rest impacts your well-being, productivity, and ability to think. There is a reason that surgeons, pilots, and truck drivers have mandated periods of rest – lives are at stake.


How to Tell if You Have Too Much Control – Over Your Own Life

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Those of you who have taken a basic psychology course may remember a concept called locus of control. This is the extent to which people believe they have power or control over the events in their lives.

Our society encourages an internal locus of control. These people are described as the strong, healthy ones – the “winners” in life. The theory doesn’t know what to do with intelligent and successful individuals who willingly place their trust in God to take over.


How to Really Change Something About Yourself

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The New Year is upon us, and with it comes new resolutions to improve our lives. Unfortunately, many of these resolutions will be abandoned within a few weeks. Why is it so hard to change our bad habits?

Not being able to change doesn’t mean you’re weak, stubborn, or lazy. Whatever it is that you resolved to do (or stop doing) in the past, there’s no doubt you meant it. So what’s been standing in your way?


How to Get Chosen for the Very Best Assignments

Why You Need to Put Yourself in the Front Row

Put yourself in the front row. Literally. I have been teaching university students for 20 years. I always find it interesting which students choose to sit in the front row and which prefer to sit as far in the back as possible. Everyone ends up hearing the same information, but the students in the front want to be right in the middle of the action. In my experience, these students are more engaged. They ask more questions and contribute more to the discussions. So when I need a volunteer for something, I choose a student from the front row.